IASP 2019 Global Year against Pain in the most Vulnerable

1 Guidelines for the Management of Pain in Vulnerable Populations TRANSLATED HUN

2 Drug Management for Vulnerable Individuals _TRANSLATED HUN

3 Pain Assessment in Dementia TRANSLATED HUN

4 Pain Management in Dementia_TRANSLATED HUN

5 Pain in Older Adults_TRANSLATED HUN

6 Palliative Care for the Older Person in Pain_TRANSLATED HUN

7 Pain Assessment in the Most Vulnerable Children_TRANSLATED HUN

8 Pain in Children Management555_TRANSLATED HUN

9 Palliative Pain Care in Children and Adolescents_TRANSLATED HUN

10 Pain in Individuals with an Intellectual Disability_TRANSLATED HUN

11 Pain in Cognitive impairment, not Dementia-Related Management_TRANSLATED HUN

12 Chronic Pain as a Consequence of Torture Assessment_TRANSLATED HUN

13 Chronic pain as consequence of torture management TEMPLATE_TRANSLATED HUN


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